Ebb + Flow: Margeaux Walter, David Reinfeld, and Brenda Biondo

29 March - 29 July 2021
As we collectively enter a time abundant with hope and new beginnings, the TC Energy Center's Spring art exhibition studies themes of lifecycles and rebirth. Ebb + Flow was organized by Kinzelman Art Consulting in partnership with Houston-based gallery Foto Relevance to highlight the work of 3 exciting artists - Margeaux Walter, David Reinfeld, and Brenda Biondo. Each artist's practice presents various creative photography methods of manipulation or staging to create thought provoking imagery centered around nature.
While navigating the exhibition, the viewer is encouraged to question what is natural and what is constructed-either by digital manipulation, juxtaposition, or physical modification of the environment by the artist-and furthermore reflect on this time of new beginnings. Ebb + Flow urges us to consider our own role within the environment-how we impact it daily, and how it similarly impacts us. Humankind is not above the cycle of nature; rather, we are deeply carved into it.